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I am a fully trained classical singer with a performance diploma from the Trinity College of Music and a vocal teaching diploma from the ABRSM, as well as many years of performing experience.

I currently teach privately from my home in Stamford, and previously taught both privately in Abingdon and at Stowe School.

I am very energetic and creative, with a keen interest in classical music and musical theatre, and would like to use my ardour for performing both sacred and secular vocal works to inspire budding musicians.

If you are interested in having 1 to 1 singing lessons, irrespective of how much (or how little!) experience you have, please get in touch.



Anne - "I wholeheartedly recommend Dawn as a singing teacher.  Her lessons are fun, instructive and thorough.  I have learnt new technique and lots of useful exercises and practices.  She has boosted my confidence and helped me to regain my top notes.  New pieces are analysed to get the best possible results (breathing, diction, phrasing and dynamics).  I am sorry she is leaving the area as I would have continued to have lessons for a very long time."

 Hannah - " Great teacher! I had lessons with Dawn when she was in Abingdon. She's a patient teacher with a great sense of humour. I gained lots more technical knowledge and she helped me feel much more confident with singing."

Sarah - "My lessons with Dawn were always useful and fun, and always moved at a pace I was comfortable with! She was great at teaching in a way that challenged but always felt achievable, and I developed a lot under her tuition. I would definitely recommend her no matter what your level!"